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St-George’s Day


The Day

St-George’s Day is celebrated by many nations, municipalities and organizations. In England it has a special significance as the
national day. In the 15th century the feast was celebrated on a par with Christmas but it’s popularity waned towards the end of the 18th century. In recent years there has been an increased interest in the day in England and around the world with various members of British parliament pushing to make it a bank holiday. Burgundy Lion wishes to bring the festivities to Montreal where there have always been ties to England and the English people.

The Event

Every year during the week of March 17th the Montreal Irish community as well as many non-Irish Montrealers celebrate their patron Saint-Patrick, and as one of the four founding communities of Montreal Burgundy lion will pay homage in a similar way to the English Patron Saint.

The Dates Are From April 23rd to April 27

There will be plenty of special events, activities and gifts over the 5 day festival. Starting with a special St-George inspired cocktail at the Bishop & Bagg April 23rd and culminating with the our all day celebration at the Burgundy Lion on Sunday April 27th starting at 3pm. The big day starts with a Darts Tournament followed by our famous annual Dragon Slaying, and DJ set by UK’s own Danny Payne at 8pm


St george day