Our Passion,
Our Story

The word pub is derived from the term public house. A public house was traditionally a meeting spot that could serve as a centre for the community as much as the local church. With Pub Burgundy Lion, we want to immerse ourselves in the community to re-create that sense of comfort but with a modern twist. The concept behind the design and feel of Pub Burgundy Lion is to blend a traditional British pub with a modern lounge bar and to offer a unique twist on British pub cuisine.

" We provide a higher quality product in food, drink, service, and ambiance than other established pubs. "

Pub Burgundy Lion is located in Little Burgundy, an old working class neighbourhood in Montreal, steeped in history. Since the early 90’s, Little Burgundy has enjoyed a re-birth as young professionals are taking advantage of Little Burgundy’s proximity to the downtown core and its renewed sense of community.

Since opening in the summer of 2008 we have been constantly adapting to changes in the neighbourhood, the city and the industry as a whole. Our ever evolving philosophy has brought us new and exciting challenges as we have grown, both as a pub and as a staff.

Whisky… we are obsessed with whisky, be it blends, single malts, scotches, Irish whiskies, bourbons, ryes, or whiskies of the world. Since opening we have been constantly developing and expanding our whisky collection and our whisky program. Our list has grown to more than 600 whiskies, the largest collection in Quebec and one of the largest in North America. But what’s the use of having gallons of whisky if nobody drinks it? Whisky can be intimidating and so we’ve worked hard to make it accessible to all so that as many people as possible can share our passion with us.

As a pub, as a staff and as a whole we have been honoured by the community and our fantastic (if quirky) clientele with 9 successful years. And as such, we strongly believe it is our social responsibility to give as much back as we can. So, along with contributing to as many local events and charities as possible, we created our own charity based events. With our annual “GOALMLT” soccer tournament, and our “Angry Animals” golf tournament we have raised over 300,000$ in the last three years, 100 percent of which has been donated to local Montreal charities.