Flight of the Moment


Whisky Flight of the moment

Aside of the main producing region (Canada, U.S., Ireland and Scotland) there is other country that produce amazing whisky!

Here are three different ones that will make the word’s whisky flight.

3 whisky ½ ounce each For 21$.


Togouchi Kiwami

Japan 40%

Japan 40%

Kiwami (meaning 'supreme') is a blended Japanese whisky from Chugoku Jozo who mature his whiskies in a 361 metre long tunnel rather than a warehouse, which is fun.

Tasting Note:

Nose: Sweet, soft, spicy vanilla. 

Palate: Sweet at first, then opening up to a blast of oak and dark chocolate. 

Finish: Refined finish with a mouthful of oak and sugar.

Glan Ar Mor

France 46%

The Breton distillery Glann ar Mor (which means ‘by the sea’) produced this single malt with Maris Otter barley. This is an ancient experimental variety of which is claimed that it adds rich aromas.

Nose: very fruity with loads of apricots, lime, grapefruit mildly floral, and some vanilla.

Palate: pepper and ginger, but also some liquorice. The fruit returns with the emphasis on grapefruit and oranges.

Finish: Long and oaky.

Penderyn Celt

Wales 40.5%

This is the Penderyn Celt, which enjoys a finishing period in peated casks, resulting in a subtle, elegant wisp of smoky peat coming through.

Nose: Fresh and Fruity with mild aromas of peat smoke and brine.

Palate: Peat smoke is more obvious with notes of spices (ginger and cinnamon).

Finish: long and oily but fresh.