Flight of the Month


APRIL Whisky Flight

They are pronounced Tom-in-towell, A-nock or even Brook-laddy some scotch can be really tricky with their names.

3 whisky ½ ounce each For 22$.


Tomintoul Tlàth 40%

Pronounced 'Tlah', Tlàth means gentle and/or mellow. With Tomintoul known as 'the gentle dram', this particular expression is along the same easy-going Speysider lines and is matured in American oak ex-bourbon barrels

Nose: Quintessentially Speyside. Light, with some sweet toffee and vanilla and hints of mint leaf and citrus peel.

Palate: Light and creamy. Lively white pepper and some oak-driven spiciness dance on the tongue with background layers of nutmeg and toasted vanilla.

Finish: Spicy with notes of shortbread and fresh mint.

AnCnoc 12 yr 40%

Knockdhu renamed their whiskies anCnoc to avoid confusion with the nearby Knockando distillery. This 12 year old exhibits a gentle, non-sherried style of whisky.

Nose: Aromatic, quite robust. Honeysuckle, fresh flowers, cereals, barley.

Palate: Medium, good sweetness. Madeira, winter spices, mocha, Crème de Cacao, herbal hints and toasted granary bread.

Finish: Medium length, great interplay between oak and barley.

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Scottish Barley 50%

Master distiller Jim McEwan specially chose the casks that create the Port Charlotte Scottish Barley, which highlight the elegance within this heavily peated single malt. Made with 100% Scottish barley and matured in the village of Port Charlotte.                   

The content of phenols at the level of 40 ppm, matures in barrels from American and European oak, non-chill filtered, natural color.

Nose: fruity (citruses), sweet peat, caramel, toffee, ash, oranges, mango, floral, vanilla, smoke, pears, charred wood, iodine, tropical fruits wrapped in smoke.

Taste: delicate, fruity, ripe apple, oranges, then smoke, earth, slightly spicy notes, vanilla, caramel, smoked malt, iodine, licorice, salty caramel, sea salt.

Finish: long, malty, smoked barley, dry grass, oak, sweetness.