Flight of the Month

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February Whisky Flight 

The new whisky flight is up for this month the whisky flight will be based on whiskies from the region of Islay which is renowned for it’s peaty (smoky) warm and robust whisky. But not all of them are necessary peated, some distilleries make expressions without using peat just like the first one on the list.

Price: $19.00

Bruichladdich Islay Barley Rockside Farm 2007

Made from barley harvested at Rockside Farm, Islay, in 2006 and distilled in 2007. The specially selected grain, the slow distillation and carefully considered casks were vital in creating this iconic unpeated single malt.

Nose: Fresh malty and creamy hints of apples, lemons and honey.

Taste: Similar creamy / buttery malt, with a slightly hot, peppery edge. Then mild honey and vanilla, sweet apple too. Subtle cinnamon notes. Develops some herbal, slightly harsh notes as well.

Finish: Not too long, quite sweet, on vanilla and grainy notes.

Bowmore 12 Year

The heart of the Bowmore range, the 12 year old exhibits some beautiful coastal notes with a gentle peat, it is the balance that the floral element presents that makes this a great entry bottling for Bowmore.

Nose: Coastal smoke and ash soon make way for bergamot, orange zest, lemon slices and some hay before becoming rather floral, heather smoke now competing with the ash.

Palate: Lovely and rounded, honeyed even, initially. Vanilla, perfumed smoke and coastal elements develop. Dark Peat. Blossom, oily sweetness.

Finish: Smoky and long. Sea spray, dry grass, a touch of ash and citrus.

Overall: Classic stuff and the heart of the Bowmore range. Smoky, fruity, coastal, delicious.

Ardbeg 10 Year

Nose: A ridge of vanilla leads to mountain of peat capped with citrus fruits.

Palate: Sweet vanilla counterbalanced with lemon and lime followed by that surging Ardbeg smoke.

Finish: Long and glorious; sea salted caramel and beach bonfire smoke.

Overall: Precise balance, big smoke and non-chill filtered. This is why this is such a famous dram.